Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meat Lovers Paradise

An enigmatic mess.

Mystery the first: What is that thing? Our initial thought—and the best guess we have been able to come up with—was cow. But… the uniform, blood-red coloring. The strange, lumpy mound across the chest. The (pink) mullet?

The truly profound mystery, however, concerns a deeper matter of identity. Not merely what, but how.

How have the identities of the meat purveyors become so intimately linked with the identity of the "cow"? No, more than linked: muddled. Hopelessly intertwined. We don't see the meat lovers—we see the meat. (In pre-dead form, yes.)

This is depicted as his paradise. The soon-to-be-dearly-departed lounges and sips from a tropical drink. He is possibly wearing swimming trunks. It's hard to say. Having seen the animal in paradise, and having recognized his pleasure and ease, how could we possibly be in the market for lamb, veal, beef, and all the other "quality meats and gourmet foods" on offer?

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Anonymous said...

Is it a sheared sheep?

- HareTrinity