Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ma & Pa's Kettle

They were the perfect neighbors.

(Shot of Pa, tinkering with the engine of an old pickup.)

Pa: Try 'er now!

They wouldn't hurt a fly.

(Shot of young woman with tears in her eyes, looking at Ma.)

Young woman: You're the granny I never had.

But underneath the smiles…

(Shot of Ma and Pa gazing at one another beatifically.)

Past the rocking chairs…

(Shot of Ma and Pa rocking in the yard.)

They had a secret.

(Shot of a door slamming.)

An ugly secret.

(Shot of a bloody cleaver coming down.)

Off-camera: Nooo!

"Ma & Pa's Kettle."

Can you stomach… what's in Ma and Pa's kettle?

(Shot of Ma poised over the cauldron with a ladle.)

Ma: Who's ready for seconds?

(Quick montage of screaming, fleeing livestock.)

Coming this summer to a theater near you. Under 18 not admitted without parent or guardian.

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