Thursday, September 22, 2011

What We've Been Missing 6: a digression

From time to time, on stumbling feet made careless by regret, we visit the culinary heights we have forsworn. (Our most recent installment of similar bounty, from nearly a year ago, is here.) What riches could our tongue be sampling! What delights for the eye and palate! Instead of these clever morsels, to content ourselves with such paltry, dirt-grown fare. When we could be tasting all of this!

Like these swollen joints, these bloated, bulbous, stuffed, and ruptured pipkes!

Or this Hawaiian... stuff. It's called kālua pork, meaning that it's cooked in an underground oven. Special wood is burned in a pit, stones are added for heat retention, and the pit is lined with banana leaves. Then the meat is added, covered with more leaves, burlap, and sand, and the whole thing cooks for hours and hours.

When the result is as scrumptious (?) as the image to the left, it's clearly worth all the trouble.

 Presentation is everything.

The simplest things are sometimes the most tempting. Such as these slabs of canned meat fried atop a tough, rubbery skin of scrambled eggs and topped with viscous ketchup!


Bianca said...

Grody! Especially those joints or whatever they are! How can people eat that nastiness?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the third picture from the last one garnished with an oleander flower? Is that even safe?