Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dusty's Barbecue

This has been kicking around our files for years, and it's now obsolete. Dusty's went out of business in 2009, but this image is still instructive.

It demonstrates the same gambit employed by Niku-Mansei and others: by showing a cross-section of pig society—the child-pig holding a balloon, the middle-aged pig playing badminton, and the senile pig buggy-whipping passers-by—it intends to put the best possible light on the consumption of pigs. "The complete spectrum of pigs lives in harmony with the concept of their own inevitable destruction," it announces, "so why shouldn't you? And here, enjoy this old-timey portrait."

Pig society cries out with one voice: Being eaten is right, natural, and expected. It's suitable for the young and old, the mild and the crotchety.


Diana said...

Idealizing depictions of animals that are intended to brainwash the consumer into believing that it's totally okay to eat animals are a problem all around the world. (I live in Germany.)

Here, people may even advertise with the term "animal protection" or "animal welfare" when they propagate their sausages and other animal products that clearly do not involve the protection or welfare of any non-human animal.

There seems to be no protection of absolutely common and basic and universally shared semantics when it comes to non-human animals.

The deception is enormous.

amazing food grabber said...

It's funny to see how people are against killing of animals when these kind of animals are really needed for human consumption, not just for satisfaction but also for nutrition needed.

Captain Sakonna said...

Really, food grabber? Name ONE nutrient essential to humans that can ONLY be obtained from meat. Also, explain to me how I have gone 2.5 years as a vegetarian without having a deficiency-induced health crisis.