Friday, September 16, 2011

Partners in Swine

So now the conceit is that the "food" animals aren't hopping into the flames out of love for us, because this is what they think we want.

It appears that the Partners in Swine are engaging in a reckless rampage of "slow grilling a mighty tender piece of pork" against our wishes, in violation of our laws.

Their striped convict get-ups suggest we are dealing with recidivist suicides at that! They were already locked up, then, in protective custody perhaps. But they escaped, to pursue their dream of dying.

They're not doing for us; they're doing it in spite of us?


AlanSmithee said...

Puns really are the lowest form of BBQ.

Ben said...

Speaking of which, have you seen these?

Hava NaGrilla

Habeas Porkus


Frank's for the Memories