Sunday, September 4, 2011

Les Pigs Extraordinaire

The thing about these black-tie images is that they are doubly deceptive. They intend to deceive the pigs twice over.

(We are reminded of many royal pigs we've seen over the years (for instance, this one and this one), pigs who were sold a bill of goods. See more examples here.)

They've given him not the crown and throne of Old World royalty, but the top hat and tuffet of the New World overclass. Do you suppose they really see him as their social better? Do you imagine it possible they are not laughing at him behind their hands?

They've set him up high, on the pedestal of the elite, but they consider him low-born. The lowest. Theirs to do with as they see fit. Deserving nothing. They hurry to wait on him, smirking.

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David said...

just wondering if you ever got to use that advertising BBQ video. (I was traveling out of country, blogless, the past 4 months.) … never mind, found it.