Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Local Grill & Scoop

Animals and the desire to leave it all behind go together like fish and ice cream!

This fish hugging his ice cream dish (if that is, in fact, what it's doing) is a perfect example. Instead of clinging to life, the fish clings to its favorite dessert... receptacle. Is that even what's going on?

All we really know is that the fish has something else on its mind besides a quick flop back into the water and the possibility of resuming a normal life.

(Thanks to Dr. Joanna for the referral and photo.)


joanna said...

whoa. i think i sent this to you like 2 years ago? do you have that many suicide food posts lined up?

Ben said...

It was actually June, 2008!

We're not working quite that far ahead. This one just got lost in our files.