Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We'll Smoke U BBQ

Hi, fellas! How's life in the land of denial?

While they might not be offering themselves up for your consumption, they are nevertheless participating in the nitty-gritty of meat-based cuisine.

That is to say, while they amuse themselves choking chickens, crushing beer cans, and brandishing barbecue forks, these bullyboys have to know what they've gotten themselves into. The barbecue machine is insatiable. How long will it allow these two meaty beings to walk around unscathed?

Sure, they're on top now—all their sneering attitude and torn shirtsleeves and rippling muscles—but give it another month, two tops, and they'll be steaming on a plate somewhere.

Addendum: How about these guys? Think they're still walking around topside?

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