Friday, September 4, 2009

The Capitalist Pigs

The capitalist pig, representing a barbecue team, is a sly variation on our much-discussed Submissive Dominant motif. This pig isn't physically imposing, able to visit havoc and death on his oppressors, but ultimately choosing not to, for reasons unfathomable.

No, this submissive dominant is socially, financially superior. He could buy and sell those who would consume him. But he does not. Nor does he hire someone to "teach them a lesson," if you know what we mean. Nor set in motion any process the wealthy have at their disposal to effect their desired ends: the bribing of aldermen, the smoky-room dealings at city hall, the calling in of favors at the precinct houses. Instead, he… does nothing. He rolls over, heaping the coals about him.

In doing so, he lends his imprimatur to the whole business. Owing to his elevated standing in society, this testimonial carries extra weight.

And a monocled pushover dies, believing that even this will benefit his bottom line.


Cavall de Quer said...

Remember when the farm animals look from the pigs to the men and from the men to the pigs at the end of "Animal Farm", and find they can no longer tell the difference?.........

sirvan said...

@Cavall de Quer

hek hek... you remind that movie :)