Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Farmers Market Cornwall

The suicidefoodist splinter group that's been on everyone's mind is now front and center!

The so-called Happy Meat movement takes suicidefoodism's implicit creed and makes it explicit. Its two primary postulates: 1) Animals raised under certain so-called "humane" standards are happy, and 2) Such animals, perhaps in gratitude, are content to die for the pleasure of humans.

The Farmers Market Cornwall sullies this already-shabby system with the addition of a dreary, yet depressingly familiar, twist. Namely, that there is no distinction to be made between an animal and its flesh. The presence of the sheep himself—the woolly, willing victim—seeks to lend credence to this rancid worldview.

We would not use the word happy to describe an animal who sees and values himself only as meat, as a commodity to be consumed by others. We would say instead perverted.

Try and understand: he poses with a sign that proclaims his status as inanimate object and, moreover, suggests that his happiness matters only because his palatability derives from it.


Anonymous said...

You mean "himself or herself" right? I realize there are bigger issues at stake, but it might be nice if you tried to include women and other female animals more, rather than using "man" as the default. Thanks!

Mixed Drink Recipes said...

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