Monday, March 30, 2009

Smith Family Robinson BBQ

Rough weather has brought a hardy band of pigs to this most humble islet. They were on their way to a pig-killing contest, presumably, when their mast snapped, their sails split, and the Almighty guided them onto the sandy, wave-lapped shore.

Instantly, they set to work, remaking this hard land in the image of the gentle life they left behind.

First up: a barbecue crafted from coconut shells and palm fronds. Lo, providence has even supplied them with a barbecue fork! Saints be praised! Along with minor stuff like food, shelter, and clothing, that's really all they need.

And so, the essentials taken care of, they are ready to begin civilization anew. Yes, New Suicidefoodland will provide for their every need. Mostly, fattening up and being barbecued and eaten.

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