Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lenten Fish Fridays

And to think: He owes it all to a divine loophole! Eating meat during Lent would be sinful, but fortunately (wink, wink) this isn't meat. No, no. Far from it. It's merely the flesh of an… animal. That lives in the sea.

And the best (read: worst) part? The fish is having more fun with this than the parishoners! Posing for the placard, wearing the chef's hat, smiling.

Face it: he loves the attention as much as he craves the dying.

Look at him. Pious, yet smug. He knows they're coming for him. Now is his season. They have no choice but to eat him, and he will accommodate.

You can't read the entire codicil at the bottom of the notice: "They'll even bake fish for those who can't eat fried food!"

The fish has arranged it cleverly. They have no reason to deny him now. Nothing stands in the way of their sacred duty (the eating of fish), nor his (the being eaten).

(Thanks to Dr. Mary for the referral and the photo.)


Desdemona said...

In the Middle Ages they believed that barnacle geese were produced from barnacles, which made them fish (?!). Anyway, this meant they could eat them on "fast" days and during Lent. Oh, those wacky medievals!


Annie said...
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Annie said...
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James said...

Tom Yum Baked Fish

2 stalks lemongrass (peeled and chopped, or lemon zest or myrtle leaves)
3 cloves garlic
1 thumb sized piece galangal (or ginger, peeled and chopped)
1+ birds eye chili (or other hot chili or 1 teaspoon chili sauce, etc.)
1/4 cup cilantro (chopped)
1 lime (juice and zest)
2 green onions (sliced)
1/2 teaspoon shrimp paste
2 tablespoons fish sauce
2 tablespoons oil
2 tablespoons palm sugar (grated or sugar)
2 white fish fillets
1/4 cup coconut milk

1. Place the lemon grass, garlic, galangal, chili, cilantro, lime juice and zest, green onions, shrimp paste, fish sauce, oil and palm sugar in a foor processor and process.
2. Marinate the fish in 3/4 of the paste for at least 10 minutes.
3. Place the fish into a covered baking dish and bake in a preheated 350F oven until cooked, about 10-12 minutes.
4. Heat the coconut milk and the remaining paste in a small sauce pan and simmer for 1 minute.
5. Serve the fish with the sauce on the side along with some rice.

Mary said...

Funny, I've seen a similar recipe for baked troll...

Ben said...


Mary: 1
Troll: 0