Monday, December 8, 2008

Yard Pimps BBQ

Continuing the grand tradition of juxtaposing things that have no business being together, we have Yard Pimps BBQ.

We've seen such nonsensical pairings as pigs and politics, chickens and golf, ostriches and Old West lawmen, pigs and pirates—even lobsters and parachutes—so poultry and prostitution seems like the next, logical step.

That strutting cock-of-the-walk: is he the pimp or the john? Judging by the hearts fluttering above the hen's head, he's no john. Prostifowl have been known to develop unhealthy fixations on their pimps, fixations born of fear, desperation, and subterranean self-esteem.

So the Yard Pimps identify with the rooster who services the chickens in his brood, thereby creating more chickens to subject to the ol' barbecue treatment. It's a ruthlessly efficient system.

Addendum: Michael D. Roberts as "Rooster" the pimp from TV's Baretta.


Desdemona said...

I'm going to try really hard to pretend I never saw this.

"Cock of the walk," indeed; he should be ashamed of himself!

Joel said...

It was a fowl pun indeed....