Saturday, December 6, 2008


The self-loathing is staggering. The sheer force of the self-abnegation is almost holy in its purity.

We are unfamiliar with the educational jurisdictions involved, but we can only assume that the process of becoming a diplomate in Pig Sciences is time-consuming, if not grueling.

How many hours must this pig have logged studying, researching, attending lectures? Imagine the discipline, the sense of purpose and sacrifice!

And through the entire program, burning like a candle, his one thought, as though his mind had been crafted solely to carry it and house it: I will be killed! Not "Alas! I am to be killed!" But "As God is my witness, I will be killed! Efficiently! Mercilessly! Scientifically! And my demise will slicken the ramp that leads my kind down, down, down! Down into death!"

The APSA is explicit in their mission: to benefit the pig industry, which is something far different from benefiting pigs.

The graduate's expression reveals not a hint of ambivalence. Untroubled by the (brief) career path he has set his foot upon, he knows the end he craves is near.

Addendum: Oh yes, we've seen his kind before.


Adde said...

An excellent blog, truly excellent.

Desdemona said...

I daresay we all feel like that about our degrees sometimes...