Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clovis BBQ Championship

Three explanations for these pictures come to mind:
• The Clovis BBQ Championship pig is having Matrix-style illusions of experience while his paralyzed body lies in a torpid, pre-barbecue state.

• The clovis BBQ Championship has something to do with pigs given once-in-a-lifetime experiences before they, you know... die?

• Someone finally invented fantasy camp for "food" animals.
Soaring abve California in a hot-air balloon? Rodeo-ing on horseback? Whatever the explanation, this pig seems to be having the time of his life! What's next? Scuba diving? Rollercoastering? Bushwhacking through Amazonia à la Indiana Jones?

We won't begrudge the pig his light-hearted adventures. After all, his imminent death has been foreseen, a death which will find him beset by the souls of all those kinsmen whose deaths he encouraged.

Let him have his (probably fictitious) fun. He won't have many happy days where he's headed.


Abbie Rae Harris said...

I bet pigs are afraid of heights.

your friend said...

I like how it assures customers that the meat is "red hot & real." As if this could be mistaken for a soyfoods merchant.

Anonymous said...

The rodeo horse doesn't look too convinced to me, either - appropriate for a participant in rodeos, aptly described as "The present day equivalent of a public hanging" You'd think the animals would lend each other a paw, but no, too eager to tickle the human palate even for hat.