Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hae-Nam Kalbi & Calamari

Though crudely rendered (so, so crudely rendered), these two can teach us all a lot about life. And death. Mostly death.

Arm in "arm," they pose for their final portraits. Squid smiles, pig grimaces, and they prepare to die. But even in that last march, they reaffirm the value of friendship. No lonely slog into the afterlife for them.

It's not hard to imagine them sharing their own flesh with each other, blending their meats even as their souls begin the Waltz of Death.

And that's the real message: In the face of an uncertain world, where every day is a precious gift, animals just want to die so you can eat them.

(Thanks to Dr. Adam for the referral.)


Anonymous said...

This blog is fantastic. I love the writing -- the author has a great sense of humor and the ability to express himself well. I'm jealous!

Amy said...

It took me a moment of squinting to realize that the squid is hugging the pig with that tentacle. When I first looked, I was certain that the squid had somehow managed to *impale* the pig on it...

Becci said...

That was exactly what I saw at first, Amy. Eegh.