Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Buckin BBQ Cook-Off

The pig's wish has finally come true.

Clothed in the garb of the humans he has so long admired, he feels whole at last. Like the humans with their boots, jeans, giant belt buckles, Western-style shirts, and bandannas, he can whoop it up, waving his hat rodeo-style. Like the humans, he can subjugate another animal. (Let's see a regular old pig do that!) Like a human, he can exult while his inferiors grimace. Like a human, he can do whatever the hell he pleases.

Like Faust, however, the pig must pay a price.

In exchange for his freedom from having to treat other animals with respect, he must offer up something. You've already guessed what it is, yes?

It can be found down there at the bottom: BBQ Cook-Off.

The pig knows his time as a human will end shortly before the cook-off begins. He will be neither preparing nor sampling the food. No, he will be the food.

Improbably, the pig has concluded that the trade-off is worth it.

Addendum: In a similar vein, do you remember this pig-related fantasy camp?

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