Monday, May 11, 2009

Speedy's Barbecue Inc.

A lot has changed since we served in the military.* We didn't have GIs out of uniform, rollerskating through the mess, delivering their buddies (and sweet tea) on a tray. It's a whole different ball game now.

We don't know whether the pig waiter skated in from the National Guard armory a scant 2.5 miles from Speedy's, but we cannot discount the possibility that, in addition to being out of uniform, he is AWOL.

But never mind that. What's got us so concerned isn't the flouting of rules and regs. It's the upending of the military's code of honor. Where's the esprit de corps that forms the backbone of any fighting unit? This dogface has turned his back on his fellows, serving them up like so much cannon fodder.

But maybe there's more going on under that garrison cap—a plan to incur his own punishment, perhaps? Is that why he works against morale so diligently?

*This statement is a rhetorical flourish only.


Becci said...

I'm creeped out by the fact that he has a shirt, hat, and rollerskates...but no pants. That, combined with the leer on his face, is just plain unsettling.

Anonymous said...

Aside from being an 'army hat', that's a typical 'paper hat' not often worn in fast food anymore. So it's certainly not out of place, although it doesn't make the ad any less bizarre for it to fit in.