Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kid Stew

Children rely on us for so much. Perhaps the most important thing we can give them is an example. A model of how to go through life with a healthy sense of themselves. With this foundation, they can fend off those who would harm their minds, their hearts, their bodies.

It innoculates them from so many of life's pernicious dangers.

This goat child—appearing on a website of Baytril, the pharmaceutical world's foremost animal-carers-about—seems not to have had a suitable model. Consequently, his view of himself and his worth is warped beyond all sense.

That's why he is looking to you for approval. He will do whatever it takes to get it.

He will bring you wine. He will offer up one perfect rose. He will serenade you. He will get the mortar and pestle and pound the oregano and garlic. He will assemble all the other ingredients. He will die.

(Yes, we've featured animals from the Baytril website before.)

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