Friday, May 29, 2009

Buttman & Rubbin' BBQ Team

In the dark heart of Suicidefoodopolis, anti-animal crime is rampant. Cowpunch is the kingpin of the Bowery, The Chicken Kicker rules the Strip, and the Pig Sticker Gang menaces most of downtown. The City needs a hero. Maybe more than one.

No such luck.

All they get are these two superzeroes, bent on elbowing their way to the front of the killing line.

They're only the latest submissive dominants we've profiled. (You remember that concept, surely. Powerful figures who render themselves impotent?) This so-called dynamic duo doesn't lift a finger to protect the citizenry they swore to champion. Instead, they merely watch the skies for the signal that tells them the grills are ready.


Anonymous said...

Clearly this is also an example of not so latent homoerotic sexual references. I am a little disturbed at what "Buttman" might be up to with young ward, "Rubbin - The Piglet Wonder," in the privacy of (dare I say it) "The Buttcave". Surely this merits an extra noose to put it at least into at least the "perverse" category. Maybe even "deeply disturbing" even if you realize that a human person soemwhere drew this logo and was clearly associating rubbing some butt with preparing a tasty feast. No matter what your human sexual orientation is, a little careful reflection on this poster would make one want to stay home and have toast and tea for dinner.

- Toby Schnauzer

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure "Buttman and Rubbin'" was the name of a Mad Magazine spoof of the Schumacher monstrosity.