Friday, May 15, 2009


He's full of pep!

He is livid with robust good health!

His demonic eyes burn with the passion of the condemned!

He bursts into your crippled reality, a burnished idol, luminous nose ring chiming like a bell!

His muscles ripple, heralding the arrival of a spirit of terrible vengeance!

His fists are as the sacred mountains that guard the portal to the afterlife!

His horns hector the infidel!

Except… no. He's actually just some steer hoping to stay healthy enough to make a good showing at the stun gun station. Come on, man—your gung-ho attitude for this stuff is like a lifer thanking the warden for a color TV. Sure, it's better than black-and-white, but you're still locked up.

Addendum (10/14/09): He's still pro-death (here, he represents a meat product auction) and he's still… bursting through things, but he seems calmer. More subdued. The green works for him.


bobatea said...

he should also get some character education :)

Anonymous said...

Remove this from your blog immediately. You are in breach of conditions of our trademark and registrations.Further action will be taken against you if this is not rectified.