Monday, August 6, 2007

St. Louis Style Pulled Pork

Another "humorous" specimen that "works" by trading on the literal. (Pulled pork—or pig—refers to pork that has been smoked so long in a slow cooker that the meat "pulls" easily from the bone. Therefore, we see a pig in the process of being pulled apart. Get it?) Be happy at least that these people do not sell Jamaican jerk chicken.

The salient element in the image, naturally, is the expression on the torture-by-stretching victim's face. He is an enthusiastic participant, objecting to neither the pain inflicted upon him, nor that pain's purpose. Whatever's happening—and for whatever reason—it's all fine and dandy to the pig! "Pull harder! My shoulder hasn't separated yet!" he might be saying.

When enumerating this image's offenses against propriety, let us not ignore the two pairs of ghostly, disembodied hands. From the underworld they protrude, fishbelly pale, to destroy everything good and pure, and drag the remains back with them to their foul lair. For it is only through blood sacrifice that they can cling even to so reeksome an existence.

Pity them. But pity also the pig.

(Thanks to Dr. Jen for the referral and photo.)

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