Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Special Report: Pig Logo Exposé

Over the months, we have discovered something curious: copycat pig-related logos. We acknowledge that our time on the front lines may have clouded our judgment. And yet.

We believe we have uncovered evidence for what could be the biggest scandal to hit the suicide food logo industry in a decade. We are prepared to lay out our findings with dispassion. And so, exhibits A–F:

(Clockwise from the top left, like it matters: Joe's West of Memphis BBQ, Keith-A-Que, Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, Sgt. White's Real Pit Cooked B.B.Q., B&P Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que & Catering, Pittman's B-B-Q and Fried Fish.)

Remarkably, the orthography shows more variety than the pig images. You've got your BBQ, your B.B.Q., your B-B-Q, and so on. Apparently, these joints' drive to set themselves apart only reached partway up their signs. At least Smokehouse Bar-B-Que went to the trouble of inserting a rack of "mouth-watering" ribs and a barebecue implement into the image. Way to innovate, Smokehouse Bar-B-Que.

Lacking the investigative skills to dig deeper, we cannot, unfortunately, state with any certainty which of these logos can claim precedence. We can, however, state that this logo should never have been appropriated by anyone. Just look at it!

(Thanks to Dr. Courtney for the Pittman's B-B-Q referral.)

Addendum (8/21/07): A report from Dr. Amy of Portland, Oregon, informs us of yet another puzzling instance of this disagreeable logo. That makes seven.

Addendum 2 (8/25/07): And then there were eight. (Photo from

Addendum 3 (9/12/07): Nine!

Addendum 4 (10/15/07): Ten! At least Helen's Sausage House of Smyrna, Delaware, has taken a stab at originality with their cartoonified version of our ubiquitous logo.

Addendum 5 (12/15/07): Ugh. Eleven. Enough, already.

Addendum 6 (4/24/08): Twelve. Make it stop. (Image source:

Addendum 7 (11/14/08): Thirteen!

Addendum 8 (11/19/08): Fourteen. Thank you, Dr. Milaka.

Addendum 9 (12/22/08): Do you see? No, this isn't another example of Crotchy, as we call the pig in question. But don't you see? It's the same catfish we've seen associating with Crotchy twice before! We, um… We thought you'd like to know.

Addendum 10 (1/12/09): Fifteen. Thanks again, Dr. Milaka!

Addendum 11 (3/13/09): Sixteen.

Addendum 12 (7/06/09): And here's Crotchy during his stint at Pittsburgh's Mr. Ribbs. (Number 17.) Thank you for the photo, Dr. William.

Addendum 13 (9/26/09): Number 18.

Addendum 14 (12/05/10): And 19.


Anonymous said...

It's probably from some low-rent clipart library. You should contact the guy that does PartiallyCLips for an ID attempt.

Doug said...
Ay Caramba Pig, El Paso, Texas