Monday, August 20, 2007

Goat World

This goat sees himself as a cross between Superman (that red and yellow pentagonal figure behind him) and Atlas, bearer of the world. The latter characterization is closer to the truth. For while the goat has no super-powers, he does bear a terrible burden. His impressive abdominals cannot change the fact that Goat World—his world—thinks of him merely as product to be moved.

Says the Goat World website:

"Our goal is to produce superior quality breeding, show and commercial grade stock to serve the needs of the Full blood and commercial meat goat producers in New Jersey and the entire Northeast."

So much rests on the goat's narrow shoulders! And for his sacrifice, his selflessness, his service, surely the people of Goat World treat him with the utmost respect? (Are you new to this? Of course they don't!)

Our goat here is a boer goat. This is what Goat World has to say about another breed, the savanna:

"We believe the Savanna breed will help us meet our goals as commercial meat goat producers. Savanna goats are functionally efficient, meat-producing goat that exhibits excellent growth rates, muscling and carcass traits. This breed make a great pairing with our herd of Boer goats."

Excellent carcass traits. Do you even want to know what that means? We do not. But we know enough to understand that it isn't livestock industry-speak for "Goats are God's creatures." And what of "meat-producing"? Does that not call to mind industrious goats laboring to produce a commodity from the sweat of their brow? But, no, the goats are the commodity. All they have are their bodies, and even those do not belong to them.


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Anonymous said...

needs? NEEDS? - aren't they what you have to have to survive? - how come there's "needs" for the goat-meat trade..........I'm alive and I don't eat goats.........can we have a reality/grammar check here, please, carnivores?

Francois Tremblay said...

You have to admit that logo is far less depressing than most of the ones you review on this site.

Anonymous- shut your vegan ass up, we don't care what you think is a need or is not a need.