Thursday, August 30, 2007

Double D's BBQ

Yes, you are right: this only makes "sense" for a joint selling chicken breasts. (It couldn't really make actual sense, only suicidefoodist sense, a cheap and pitiable counterfeit of sense.)

We've seen chesty animal waitresses before, naturally (such as this lovely sow). But this one displays, shall we say, "heightened" attributes. Indeed, her womanly bosoms are the very basis for this logo.

Of course, the captains of this barbecue team might be two fellows with the initial D. We expect hilarity no less trenchant from our barbecue team logosmanship.

The impression given, you will no doubt agree, is that insults to animalkind just don't cut it. Hence, the good old misogyny thrown into the mix. (Having been created by our favorite interviewee, this logo is guaranteed to contain nothing disrespectful toward animals. Or women?) Make no mistake, we are as confused as you. Was this waitress hired for her memory? Her upper body strength? The magic way she can talk customers into upsizing to the Heart Attack Platter? We doubt it. She adds eye candy to the artery candy on the official menu.

She's just another piece of meat. Now—what'll it be, darlin'?


Alzeis said...

I like my animals like my women...

... Diced up, bloody, and covered in sauce.

Anonymous said...

This here be one of the D's from Double D's BBQ. You people fail at life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!