Saturday, August 18, 2007

Casson's Crab Knife

An entirely new category of suicidefood. We are horrified, frightened, and impressed, all at once. For here we see an actual animal sharing his drive to be killed and eaten, to participate in every part of the gruesome procedure.

The revolutionary crab knife—so simple even a dead crab can use it!—is shown being manipulated not by a human diner, but by the crab itself. The main dish is understandably eager to show off the knife's innovative design, featuring a point that is "rounded enough to get into all areas of the crab's body and claws, yet you can go right to your mouth with the crab meat without cutting or sticking yourself." (Say what you like, that crab can sell.)

The purveyors of the nightmare imagery we regularly explore here have previously confined themselves to depictions of animals, but not the whiz kids of Casson's. It's as though they keyed into a jaded public's boredom. Cartoon animals and line art are so 2006. Like the pornography addict who requires ever more extreme thrills, perhaps the consumer of meat requires ever more "edginess" in his advertisements and corporate identity.

(Thanks to Dr. Robert and/or Dr. Angela (?) for the referral.)

Addendum (11/06/2007): Another example of a dead crab holding the implements intended for its dismemberment and consumption (this one from Lestardo's in Delaware)!

Addendum 2 (3/21/10): We never dreamed it would take more than two years for another example of a knife-wielding crab to surface! This mascot of the Sligo (North West Ireland) Food and Culture Festival has gone so far as to have two limbs replaced with the implements of his self-destruction!

(Thanks to Dr. Lou for the referral.)

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