Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ribs Etc.

We have been in consultation over this for days. We have called in experts from the University. We've debated, talked it through, and slept on it. It's no use. This logo makes absolutely no sense at all. And thinking about it any longer could very well cause brain damage.

It's beyond the senselessness of typical suicide food imagery. It makes a whole new kind of nonsense.

"If you don't eat here, we'll both starve." A standard, comedic restaurateur epigram. Yes, yes, very amusing. But here? Bewildering. For the pig—the pig about to be consumed—is the speaker, yes?

(Is it getting warm in here?)

So... We must eat at Ribs Etc. because if we don't, the pig will starve. And we wouldn't want that. So we are required to participate in the pig's destruction so that he may live. When he's dead. Because we sanctioned his death. To save him.

(Is the room actually spinning?)

Let's just say the suicidefoodist brain trust has been working hard to devise a new motivation for suicidal animals and a new means of jamming our rational thoughts.

(We have to go lie down.)

1 comment:

Francois Tremblay said...

Heh. Actually I think they mean the people who work at Ribs etc. Although if they depend on getting that next customer so much, they might want to revise their business model.