Friday, July 20, 2007

Rasta Joe BBQ

Well, Fat Buddies, your reign didn't last long. No more are you the title holders in the Ugly Appetite-Killer category. Rasta Joe has taken your crown and... pawned it to buy weed?

Everything here appears designed to repel (or at least annoy):
• Cat's-eye glasses
• Awkward draping of right leg to hide pot-induced arousal
• Half-shirt
• Bo Derek bead braids
• Hog bristle stubble
• Lovingly rendered trotter anatomy
• The "Peel me a grape!" posture


Wince-making though he is, rasta pig is the perfect suicidefood mascot. Rastas take things as they come. They see the oneness of the universe. Irie and all that. Of course they understand how their death and dismemberment is all a part of the plan. It's Jah's will that they be devoured and excreted by heedless patrons.

This pig's total (and serene) acceptance of his fate is merely one way suicidefood works. It's okay with the pig, so it should be okay with you. Fry 'em up, and choke 'em down.

One love.

Curious design note: This depiction of Rasta Joe (left) appears to be an earlier incarnation of the mascot (judging by the current homepage of the restaurant). So... They reworked this thing to remove the soft-focus look and wallow in a "warts and all" aesthetic? Interesting choice.


Anonymous said...

It should get 4 nooses 'cos Rastas don't eat animal flesh!

Anonymous said...

This is funny, so contradictory, a rastafarian pig. Rastas are vegetarians and they hate pork. to suggest to a rasta that he associates with pork results in him taking great offence.

Anonymous said...

Uh...? A "rastafarian" pig? Not hardly! Rastafarians typically wear dread locks, this pig is wearing braids. Braids are sported by many Jamaicans, the same Jamaicans that LOVE pork! Get a life!