Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lambtown USA

The lamb. Symbol of innocence. Icon of vulnerability.

And now to that list let us add devotee of suicide.

He works and lives in Lambtown, USA. According to their website, this year's annual Lambtown USA Festival "will prove to be the best yet. A select group of food vendors will be on hand to make this year's Lambtown a huge success." A select group of vendors, yes, and one hard-working lamb.

More from the site:

A variety of food booths featuring assorted lamb plates and various ethnic dishes will be set up throughout the festival. Also, Superior Farms will be hosting their annual lamb-ribs barbecue—a crowd favorite! Lamb cooking demonstrations and the lamb cook-off will take place at North Jackson & B Streets in the heart of downtown Dixon.

(There will also be pony rides.)

And yet, even amid plans for ovine carnage of every description, the cute widdle lambykins jumps for joy! He bleats (and, later, bleeds) with glee! Is his smile the grin of oblivion, of innocence betrayed, or is he a sincere adherent to the Way of Self-Death?

Like it matters! There's lamb ribs to be had! Line 'em up!

While you're waiting for you order, you can practice caring for lambs with this stuffed facsimile, available through their website.

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