Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ballard's Farm

The best (that is to say, the worst) thing about this snappy image is what it implies. For even though no carnage is evident—the knives and blood, even the flames, are out of sight—something twisted lurks. Read on.

Represented here, we have both ends of the economic spectrum—Rural and Urban. Our protagonists are a son of the land and a son of capital. Yeoman and robber baron. Their presence serves to underscore one salient point:

The desire to be eaten is entirely uncontroversial. All pigs—no matter their station in life, no matter their daily concerns—look upon their eventual passage through the alimentary canal with unconstrained happiness. Perhaps this is true for all animals! Shout it to the heavens, this universal truth: To be is to be eaten. To be eaten is to be.

This has been ratified by the complete range of pigdom and can therefore no longer be denied!

(Thanks to Drs. Greg and Ashley for the referral.)

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