Monday, June 18, 2007

Jethro's Restaurant

Take a bow, Jethro. In the history of this collection, you have achieved what no other American establishment has (as of this writing): a five-noose rating!

And you did it not through a scene of malice or of violent perversion. For that is clearly not your style. No, you attained the pinnacle of suicidefoodism through a callous indifference we find breathtaking. Your vision is one of anomie, wanton amorality in the guise of a tetched hillbilly and a winsome pig.

This pig was not chosen. He just wandered into the scene. He was rooting for grub and, somehow, found himself in the middle of a jolly fire. And the hillbilly, far from, well, caring, just keeps on a-roastin’ his marshmaller. He is not thrown by the appearance of the pig in the fire. It hardly registers at all. The pig’s reaction consists solely of grinning like an imbecile. He makes no effort to escape. He doesn’t fan the flames, as typical (but twisted) suicidal food might. He just… stands there. Doing nothing.

This picture offers a dispiriting glimpse of a bleak world stripped of emotion and even appetite. And intention. No one means to do anything. Things just… happen. Meaninglessness is absolute.

Hell of a way to attract customers.

Addendum (11/01/09): Same scene, different context.


Anonymous said...

scroll down to the pig entry.

Deepy said...


Anonymous said...

This one is drenched with ennui, but for me it doesn't inspire the hair-raising horror that the self-disemboweling Sausages from Auvergne pig does.

Maybe late tonight, as I'm about to drift off to sleep, I'll be hit with the full force of terror from this one. I'll allow for that chance.