Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Hog Master's

The key to understanding this is all in the eyes. Do they register pain? Panic? The horror of death's sickly onrush? Not quite. This victim's eyes express an altogether different wish: "More!" We are put in the role of the voyeur, made party to obscene play we are unable to comprehend.

No, it's worse. We become the surrogate of the hog's master and he our slave. (It's a relationship so dysfunctional, so sordid, that it makes the love affair of these two seem almost Doris Day-and-David Nivenish.) Merely by viewing the image, we take part in a reprehensible drama.

The white-hot flames tease and coax, the heat sears the pig's flesh, and still—still!—he shoots us a look of pure, giddy rapture. We haven't seen a pig with such an unveiled, crazy desire to suffer for a long time.

If merely viewing this scene can make us feel this filthy, what must it be like to have an affair catered by this outfit? One can only imagine, with shudders and dry heaves, what actual customers of the Hog Master's must feel. Are they like us? Do they respond with revulsion? Are they torn between the urge to retain psychiatric help for the pig and the need to flee the room with their own sanity intact?

There, to the left, is the reality behind the fantasy, the dirt beneath the glitz. Runaways, thrill-seekers, hedonists, take note. This could be your fate. This is what the pig craved, of course, and yet... And yet, the hands grasping and carving and knifing and taking! The exploitation inherent in the power play is too much. We try not to judge (just play along), to approach everyone's quirks and kinks with open mind and open heart, but we are unequal to the task when it comes to this sex- and death-positive pig.

On a different note, what is with Europe and her former (non-U.S.A.) colonies? (The Hog Master resides somewhere in the UK.) Who would have thought that America would fail to match them in brutality? When this was posted, the only 5-noose examples of suicide food were from beyond our shores.

Addendum (6/30/11): The mastered hog is back, this time being mastered by Juicy Pig Concessions.


Anonymous said...

except here there is no "safe word"...

Anonymous said...

Hog Master's? Does this indicate possession? Hog Master's what? Or, is it a contraction of, say, Hog Master is? Or, Hog master has? Either way, possessive or contraction, we are left with an incomplete phrase. These guys aren't just barbaric, they're illiterate. Be afraid.