Saturday, November 6, 2010

Anonymous Disemboweled Pig Butcher

As we did in the case of God Burger, we must disagree with the Internet's arbiters. They might know their business, but they don't know suicide food.

Failblog calls this a misfire. Hardly! It is perfection, effortlessly capturing the ethos of an entire repulsive way of life!

It's not just the pig's face, which, in its undeniable rapture, conveys the proper reverence for self-gutting.

It's also the sausages he pulls from his abdominal cavity, as though his anatomy were configured solely to provide his customers with maximum convenience. He opens a sterile slot beneath his apron, locates the sanitary sausages, and withdraws them. It's a simple procedure blessed by an unseen technology, as far from Nature's gory designs as anything in Suicidefoodland.

And they call it a failure. It's a masterpiece!


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that he's a double amputee. I assume that's all part of the process. Should he have the Purple Heart (Hock?) for that?

janessa said...

this one might be one of the most disturbing i've ever seen.