Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Full of Bull Famous Roast Beef

Look, you do not want to cross this guy.

He could tear your arms out of their sockets and club you to death with them. You see those muscles? Steer's ripped. All-natural, Grade A, bad mother.

This one guy? He crossed the bull and got messed up. I mean, dude couldn't walk for a month. He got beat down.

Just be cool, give him what he wants, and you'll be fine.

What do you mean, what does he want?

He wants to make you a sandwich, fool. Of himself. For you to eat. Just order and take it and go.

Of course, in passing, you might wonder what all that other roast beef is full of. Focus!

Okay, okay. Take it. We're out of here.

1 comment:

John V. said...

Given what "full of bull" is short for, is this something they really want to publicize?