Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pigs with Banjos

It's the newest thing in not rocking the boat! The perfect accessory for the pig striving to maintain the status quo. Exactly what any ambitious lickspittle needs to send those nagging thoughts of independence into the darkness of forgetfulness. The banjo is just what the doctor ordered for pigs to while away those tedious afternoons spent on, you know, being alive.

You just, like, give the strings a little pluck and—plink!—the desire to live another day floats off into the gentle breeze.

Plink! There goes that ol' dignity.

Plink! And self-respect.

Plink-a-plink-a-plink! And that troubling sanity. With that, the pigs have finally achieved their most exalted state: meat.

Addendum: Ready for a chicken with a banjo? There's this feller from a few years back!

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