Thursday, August 25, 2011

European Fur Breeders' Association

The industrious European fur breeders of the European Fur Breeders' Association need to learn to dial it back just a bit. A smidgen less... enthusiasm would serve them well. We're uncomfortable giving them pointers, but their videos look like hoaxes or something we might have cooked up just to make the EFBA's position look even worse.

We've seen footage before where animals speak about their yearnings and their fears in their own voices, and, far from grounding us in a comforting reality, they only make our skin crawl and our bowels loosen. What begins as an attempt at cinéma vérité becomes cinéma putréfié, as the cognizant beings patiently explain their eagerness to die.

Fred the mink gets the ball rolling.

"...nice farmers and vets take care of us," he says—and they sure do take care of them!—"and we are useful to people!"

And then things get a little personal when Fred points out the real value of his friends Simone the chicken and Lola the cow:

Where the EFBA's little videos compound the insanity is in their central, axiomatic proposition that because raising and killing animals for their meat is ordained by the animals themselves, there can be no legitimate objection to raising and killing animals for their fur. It's logic so simple even (only?) a child could embrace it!

After all, there's no difference...

(Thanks to Dr. Mrs. Suicidefood for the referral.)

Addendum: If you really need to watch one of these videos, knock yourself out.

Addendum 2: Enjoy a suicide-clothing digression from four and a half years ago.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god. So much wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin. They're right about one thing, at least. There is no difference between killing for fur or meat--both should be unacceptable! As if the animals give a damn whether or not they're "useful to people"! I'd also like to know exactly how fur is useful. It's a completely unnecessary, pointless b.s. fashion item. If it wasn't so ludicrous, this whole ad campaign would be infuriating.

Anonymous said...

And the "vets take care of us" line--yeah, right! As if the "farmers" (more like jailers or torturers) would bother spending money on vet care. As for the cow's leather being essential for shoes, wrong again. I have tons of shoes and not one pair is made from leather (or any other animal skin). In fact, I haven't bought a pair of leather shoes in several years. So, no, it's not essential.

mathamagician said...
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mathamagician said...

How do I submit new material? Here's an old timey video of dacing pigs hawking pork products:

Ben said...


To submit stuff, send it to suicidefood (at) earthlink (dot) net.

And see here for our take on the Valleydale spectacle!

Red said...

Man oh man, I never thought I'd see Suicide Fur. What minks really want is to be left the hell alone. An animal that will lock his jaws on your hand as you pull him out of his cage to nicely gas him to death with some lovely CO2 does not care if he's useful to you.

Goes to show how desperate EFBA is, though.

And speaking of CO2...did anyone here read the debate in one of the summer editions of "Animal People News" (either June or July) about whether death by this gas really is pleasant? United Poultry Concerns says no, HSUS says...well, yes, essentially! I know I'm getting a little far away from the original post, but I think it's time to discuss Suicidefoodism existing within the animal movement.

Red said...

Wait, when I come to think of it, there were a few Suicide Fur ads back in the '60s. Cleveland Amory described them in "Man Kind", and I think the primary offenders were Gimbel's and Woodrow & Lothrop. I've never seen the actual pictures...anyone care to dig them up?

Red said...

My mistake, Woodward & Lothrop.