Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Percy Pig

Have we been living under a rock for the past 15 years or so? We didn't think so, but how else to explain our complete, happy ignorance of the Percy Pig phenomenon?

The pink stalwart is not only the spokesman for a candy popular throughout the United Kingdom (in a recent year, the candy makers raked in more than $15 million)—he's also an ingredient. The standard variety of Percy Pig candy contains gelatin of specifically pig provenance. A version prepared without pig gelatin was set to be made available earlier this month. We assume Percy will endorse this suspect product as well, but only out of contractual obligation.

And it's more than candy. It's toys, socks, sheets, calendars, books, and on and on! What does it say about the hungers within the British bosom when a pig known principally for his eagerness to donate the collagen from his own skin and bones can launch and sustain such a merchandising juggernaut? (A Facebook fan club reportedly has upwards of 200,000 members.)

We already know what it says about Percy. It says he's suffering from the queasy-making combination of over-weaning self-esteem and abject hopelessness so common (it would seem) among the world's "food" animals.

(Thanks to Dr. Liz for the referral.)

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Nicola said...

An upsetting, horrifying and fantastic blog you have: bravo

Thank you so much for pointing out these tragic examples of irony