Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wintzell's Oyster House

Our oyster from Mobile, Alabama, demonstrates the peculiarly American attitude toward violence and sex. Observe.

Fry her and she merely gasps from the heat, fanning herself with a hankie—or washcloth or whatever—and readying her bathbrush.

Stew her and she splashes in her "tub," luxuriating in the bath.

But catch her naked and that's where she finally objects. Violence is perfectly acceptable, all a part of life. But nudity? Horrors!

No, you had probably never cast an oyster in a voyeuristic scenario such as this. That's a gambit reserved for dedicated suicidefoodists, not laypeople.

Beyond the examination of quaint American hang-ups and topsy-turvy priorities, what this shows us is an oyster who would rather be killed and eaten than just about anything else.

(Thanks to Mississippi Snopes for the photo.)


Anonymous said...

Only tie in is the seafood aspect - I assume you've seen Metropolitan Meat, Seafood & Poultry's logo?

Frogulous said...

Why so surprised by the presentation? As Larry Flynt once said (paraphrasing), in movies, if a man cuts a woman's breast off, it's rated R. If he kisses it, it's rated X. America and much of the world is like that. Watch any 'family' program on TV, and it's always the same. All the violence you can eat, as long as the clothes stay on.

So why not have embarrassed nekkid oysters?

Unknown said...

I read "laypeople" as "gaypeople" the first time. I think I would've taken it as a complement...

frank adam said...

This oyster joint is just a little sad.

B said...


Very nice blog you have here, I randomly stumbled across it and its quite interesting!

Ben said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, we're all over Metropolitan Meat, Seafood, and Poultry.

cw said...

"This oyster joint is just a little sad."

The outside, yeah, but their oysters and gumbo are actually pretty great.