Sunday, July 12, 2009

Motor City Barbeque Co.

Detroit's not messing around. Detroit is real. Detroit is serious. Detroit has you right where it wants you. Detroit will fuck your shit up.

How tough is it?

In Detroit, the pigs dare you to eat them.

They barrel down Woodward in a cherry '57 Chevy, wearing their colors, their old lady calling all the chumps to chow. They're hauling the barbecue behind them. Giving you a head start. Giving you points.

You got what it takes? You want a piece of this? Detroit says, "Bring it."

By the end, you'll be gnawing on their bones. And the pigs? They're still smiling. You just got played.

You think you got Detroit beat? Like shit you do.

1 comment:

John V. said...

In the image as it appears on the blog, it almost looks like the mama (?) pig with her triangle is smiling maliciously... like the two be-shaded pigs in the front don't know that the barbeque is for cooking them, but their passenger in the red dress has an unpleasant surprise for them.

But when you click on the image and see it bigger, there doesn't seem to be so much malice in the lady pig's expression.