Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Barbecue/Golf Conspiracy

Golf-playing pigs are the shock troops in a war to cloud your mind.

Cowboys in hotdog form—paradoxical, bizarre, beyond comprehension—were only the first wave of combatants in the War on Rationality. Or, well, to be honest, they were only one wave. There have been a great many. The realm of mental integrity is all but overrun.

This is Black Ops activity here. Real "Hearts and Minds" stuff. Their soft target: your ability to retain your sanity.

Their primary weapon is the sheer nonsensical nature of blending the Harold Ramis comedy classic with suicidal animals. Remember the lovably tenacious gopher? Caddyshack should go down as a testament to a powerful life-force, not another excuse to exalt a cadre of carefree death-seekers!

And, yes, it is an eerie coincidence (or is it?) that we're seeing the suicidefoodistic exploitation of yet another 1980 comedy that starred Saturday Night Live cast members! We told you about the curious case of The Blues Brothers a few months ago. When can we expect to see barbecue based on the 1980 Gilda Radner and Harry Shearer vehicle Animalympics? Sounds like a natural.

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