Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So seldom do we see the sacrificial beasts taking such an active interest in the means of their deliverance. Yes, of course, we know the animals who line up, chins raised, to await the ax. And, surely, we know the creatures who exhort their killers to put some muscle into it.

But these two are loyal employees down at the swinewerks. They are no mere objects. They are agents, full of their own intentions. Let the others march across the killing floor, visiting each station in turn. This pig and chicken have a job to do, and not merely a destiny to fulfill.

See the pride the pig takes in the sharpness of his fork.

See the concentration on the chicken's face as the cleaver's edge is honed.

A thing worth doing is a thing worth doing well.

And when their time comes—as it must, as certain as the heart's relentless beating—do you think our perfectionists will leave the task to someone else? Not on your life!

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