Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walt's Barbeque

Talk about friendly! Walt's just oozes with kindness.

The benevolent smile. The head cocked at a non-threatening angle. The "I'll be your pal forever" eyebrows.

But does Walt—if the pig indeed is Walt—really think we're buying it? This whole routine reminds us of our "favorite" headhunter joke:
Headhunter 1: I don't like your mother.
Headhunter 2: That's okay. Just eat around her.

(Pause for laughter and applause.)
Sure, Walt just loves pigs. When they're properly sauced and plated, that is.

(Pause for laughter and applause.)

Seriously, folks, look at the picture up there. The pig—one of Walt's beloved—has been reduced to a glistening slab of bones and flesh.

This is not the behavior the pigs were promised. They've been deceived. We all have.

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