Sunday, December 2, 2007

El Pollo Supremo

We've seen this particular affliction—Self-Destructive Narcissism—before (here and here most notably), but never in such florid form!

The symptomology of the disorder includes an obsessive attention to physical improvement, delusions of one's own authority, and unrelenting suicidal ideation.

As a case study, let's take a look at Mr. P.S.

Alas, he is a living contradiction: The obvious pride he takes in his grotesque appearance—have we caught him gazing adoringly at his own biceps?—is canceled out by the role he has assigned himself. He is not a defender of the weak and downtrodden, nor an advocate for the needy, nor a proponent of truth, justice, and other traditional superheroic values. Nor even, we should say, a garden-variety looking-out-for-number-one-er.

No, like regular, mild-mannered suicidal animals, Mr. P.S. exists solely to announce that he—and the lesser poultry he is meant to be defending—can be consumed at this establishment, on either an "Eat Here" or "Take Out" basis.

And here we see the real damage caused by his Self-Destructive Narcissism: by giving himself up so completely to his will to die, he robs the poultry people of a hero.


Lisa S. said...

That's quite the gun show the old bird is giving us! Think he kisses them when we're not looking?

Anonymous said...

What about:

Ben said...

Yes! That chicken's been on our list for a while now.