Tuesday, December 25, 2007


This image was discovered on the website of the manufacturer of an antibiotic used on livestock. (Because who else cares more about animals than the people working to keep them healthy enough to kill and eat?) It's just the kind of detail that makes documenting suicide food so darn nauseating fun!

Joulunkinkku is Finnish for "Christmas ham," so this is the perfect pig to discuss on Christmas Day. And do you see what they did here? A pig in a sauna—that most Finnish of scenarios!—when the dish's preparation involves a pan of water underneath the pig in the oven. The pig is thus steamed (as in a sauna) and baked. Or something. (Do we even want to understand? No, not really.) Beside him on the bench, a carrot and a potato, likewise getting the deep-steam treatment. Outside, in the snow, Santa's boot (?), a candy cane, and a miniature Santa (?). Must be more Finnish symbolism we aren't privy to.

Jocularity notwithstanding, what we see here is the same sneering dishonesty we've seen before. As in this image, our Finnish pig is meant to give the impression of roasting himself. "It was his choice to sit in the sauna all afternoon! We tried to talk him out of it! But what can you do?" Uh huh. It's not merely deceptive. It's cynical and demeaning. They don't even have the decency to tell the truth about our pig's demise.

To round out our commentary, here are some more suicidal pigs enjoying their last hurrah, from the same site! (Or is it the same pig rehearsing for the big moment?) Either way, it's festive times. Merry Christmas!

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