Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Barn Bacon Co. & The Barn Butchery

A curious admixture of blunt and blunted.

On one side: barn bacon, "butchery." This is refreshing candor. "From farm gate to dinner plate!" There's no mistaking what they're up to in Newark-on-Trent. Butchery for all! The prosaic art of baconizing pigs.

But then, right alongside the blunt wording, we have the smiling, scribbly, soft-around-the-edges hogs. The logo's forthrightness is matched only by its obfuscation.

And so The BBC & The BB straddles the line that separates the true believer from the suicidefoodist with doubts. To sugar coat or to say it straight? It's almost as though they have made a deliberate break with the Movement and we are catching them in the act of first expressing their apostasy.

Are we seeing a schism in action? Or is the umbrella of suicidefoodism broad enough to shelter all creeds? We worry for the future.

But then we see this, on The BBC & The BB website, and we know we have nothing to fear:

"Happy Animals = Great Tasting Quality Meat"

They haven't left the fold, after all. For, after "Animal = Meat," this might be the most orthodox of all suicidefoodist truths!

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