Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jim Dandy's Family BBQ

And we thought this pig was suffering from low self-esteem! The Jim Dandy's pig makes him look positively egomaniacal!

This pathetic wretch here is so pitiful, so pathologically self-hating, he puts the retch in "wretch!"

Spiced and smoked! Not boiled and soaked. Did you get that? Did you see? Good news, huh, guys? Am I right? Spiced and smoked. Should I have said it like that? Like "and smoked"? Wait up, folks! I look good, right? You want to dig in, right? Did I mention I'm spiced?

Oh, brother. A little self-respect goes a long way. But this mewling display would put even the hardiest pig-eater off his feed. (Jim Dandy's pig: take a look at our advice to this pig. You might find that it applies to you.)

Lord knows the pig lost the ability to feel shame long, long ago, but the fact that he has allowed them to use his very body against him, the only thing in the world he ever had any legitimate claim on... It shames us to witness him.

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