Monday, September 17, 2007

Festival on the Neuse

As though sent here to prove our claims about the dark side of animals treated like royalty—namely, that this is always a horrible joke played on critters from less-than-elite backgrounds—this pig appears before us. (See our discussion of this phenomenon, the Ruse of Royalty, here.)

And—Land o' Goshen!—is our corn-pone Henry VIII ever not elite. With his patterned tablecloth/napkin tied around his neck—perfect for a mid-meal game of checkers—he's got (unidentifiable) food falling from his muzzle. (Mashed potatoes? Hominy? It's hominy, isn't it? Let's say it's hominy and move on.) He betrays his humble origins by the pleasure he feels for the simple things: stuffing his face and bathing in the comfort of the flames that await him.

And it all takes place on the Neuse River in North Carolina. "Noose" River is a most inadvertently fitting name for a site of animal execution!

Addendum (10/18/08): Hey! Here's King Neuse again! Only, this time he's with the Simply Southern Jubilee!

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