Monday, September 3, 2007

Burnt Food Dudes

This pig—the most clearly insane spokespig we've seen since we profiled this poor soul—has gone around the bend and no longer appreciates the sacred line between good and evil.

What could have happened to him? What demons lurk in his past? What vile abuse could have transformed a wiggly piglet—the epitome of gaiety—into this, this… monster?

He does not merely cook dead pigs. He does not merely wish to die to provide the next batch of ribs. No, he kills his compatriots and ruins the meat, just for the hell of it. And look at him! You can practically hear him. His cackle. His maniacal chortling.

"Yes, I killed them! Ha ha ha! I killed them and then charred their remains so no one can eat them! It's the circle of life! I am the circle of life! I am the walrus! Who are you calling 'Shorty,' Shorty?"

We try to reason with him—"We didn't call anyone Shorty"—but reason slides off his back like barbecue sauce down the haunch of a freshly killed pig.

On a more practical note, maybe this barbecue team should just pack it in. It doesn't seem like they have their game faces on. Every time they show up to another competition, this logo announces their barbecuing ineptitude.

Addendum (3/19/09): Another logo trumpeting a deficiency of food-preparing acumen.


Cavall de Quer said...

Actually, I think this pig is looking for vengeance - he knows that overcooked meat is even worse for humans than the other kinds - and he's pushing it for all he's worth.
Good on ya, Piggy!

Anonymous said...

You don't understand do you? That's a human rib on my skewer!


Anonymous said...

mmm, pork.