Friday, September 7, 2007

Bella Hog

The thoughtful people of Bella Hog have provided us with a clear-eyed explication of everything we've been saying here month after month. A rare glimpse beyond the veil of suicidefoodism's revolting creed.

Behold! The man carcass behind the curtain, starring in a triptych, a playlet in three acts:

Act I: Our protagonist trots gaily along, his life in balance, his world at peace. What you see is contentment. Satisfaction. The simple, yet transcendent, pleasure of a life well lived. His trotters hardly touch the ground. This is a pig in love with life. As the lights dim, the pig picks up speed, leaping into...

Act II: A new mode of being, a becoming, a transformation. Here we see him trapped in a new circumstance, his leaping body frozen in time, drained of athleticism, bereft of joy. But look closer. His smile lingers! Even though he has been stripped of the weightlessness of his own life, he lives yet, if only to achieve his final state, which is...

Act III: Food. The metamorphosis is complete. The pig has emerged from his crisp-skinned chrysalis not as a butterfly, but instead as "beautiful" stuff. He has become what he always yearned to be: mere matter, a substance to be used by others.

And there, as what-used-to-be-the-pig basks in the glow of insatiable well-wishers, we witness not just a stirring drama. No, we see the world of suicide food laid bare.

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you are sick