Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Joe's West of Memphis Bar-B-Q

What is happening here? Look at the scene. Take it all in. Gather up the clues.

Our pig has a chef's hat. This is no civilian pig—this is a culinary professional. Our pig wears the typical tablecloth/napkin bespeckled by white polka dots. Here is a bon vivant, accustomed to fine dining and large portions. Notice also that our pig is a handsome specimen of porcine abundance. His belly protrudes meaningfully (and his grin tells us that fat and jolly can indeed coincide). What of his position? He sits crotch-close to the fire.

Add it up: Culinary professional. Healthy appetite. Happy outlook. Perched at the very edge of the fire. The conclusion is distressing and inescapable. The deranged pig means to barbecue and eat himself!

I wouldn’t have thought this possible. Yet here it is. And the depiction of autocarnivory is downright galling! And how, please, does this move product? What impulse does this scenario trigger in the barbecue customer?

Addendum: See this.

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